Faizal Shutter Art - Malaysia Fashion & Commercial Photographer


Faizal Shutter Art is a photographer who is based in the concrete jungle, Kuala Lumpur. He is best known to his colleagues as being a jack of all trades, majoring in fashion, beauty and commercial photography, earning a reputation for creative portraiture and a knack for capturing the soul and spirit of his subjects, translating it into the the eye of the viewers.

Faizal Shutter Art also manages to turn a simple subject into an everlasting icon through his research and background study Having an inept mastery of conventional lighting techniques and a willingness to incorporate elements of nature and mystery into his photography further intensifies the raw emotions while maintaining a certain flair that is both glamorous and aesthatic.

In his dealings with his vast clientele, he has been known to cater to all the needs and demands of the clients while maintaining the sanctity of the photo itself. His greatest talent is to be able to interpret the ideas of the clients into a piece of art.



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Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone: +6 012 662 6786


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